About Us
Company Background 

Stephen Haight has been providing third party review services to financial institutions since 1999 and created Haight & Associates LLC in 2004. Our main office is located at 181 Watson Road in Dover NH with branch offices in Pelham NH and in York Me. Our service area covers New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.

Construction Review and Loan Monitoring 

This is a service we provide during construction and the purpose is to track construction progress and the release of funds. An emphasis is made to prevent the premature release of funds for work that has not been completed. As we are on site only periodically, and only upon a request for a disbursement, this review is not able to determine compliance with building codes or other governmental requirements. It is the Owner’s, and his professional consultants’ and contractors’ responsibility to assure compliance with Local building codes and other governmental regulations.
Upon a request for fund disbursement, Haight & Associates will review the borrowers request and schedule a site visit. Site visits typically occur within 48 hours of receipt of all pertinent data from the Borrower. After our visit we prepare a report to document our findings. A typical report will include:
• A photo log showing the status of the project.
• A summary description of the work completed.
• An updated budget file showing updates for the amounts being requested on the current draw, and all previous draws. It will also show the remaining amounts by line item.
• We also collect mechanics lien waivers from the general contractor and each subcontractor who has provided material and/or labor to the project. We suggest an Owner’s lien affidavit as well for each draw.

Construction Document and Budget Review 

This is a service we provide to the Bank before construction begins. We ensure that the documentation provided by the builder & borrower are sufficient to determine if the proposed construction budget is adequate to complete the project. We suggest that this report be completed as a prerequisite to closing on the construction loan. Our typical Construction Document and Budget Review will include the following:
• Review of contracts, plans, specifications, and the construction budget, to determine if the budget appears to be adequate for completion of the project.
• Preparation of a detailed report describing the project, and a determination indicating that the budget is adequate, or alternatively identifying any deficiencies in the budget.
• Our review does not determine compliance with any building codes or governmental requirements. It is the Owner’s and his professional consultant(s) responsibility to ensure compliance of all building codes and governmental requirements including obtaining Town, State, and Federal approvals and inspections necessary for the completion and occupancy of the building.
• The borrower should be made aware that it is their responsibility to schedule and obtain all Town/State/Federal approvals and inspections necessary for the completion and occupancy of the building.
• Haight & Associates, LLC is acting on behalf of the Lending Institution, and the Lending institution is the only party entitled to rely on our services.